My soul weeps and shudders in shame

To know that she was hoping for an angel who never came.

To know that if they dared droves of angels could’ve swooped in

But only if they cared for life more than they cared for groupthink.

Celestial beings who missed the moment their glorious wings were about to sprout

Because they lost their focus on purpose and courage for standing out.

Instead, the angels sought better angles to witness a tragedy unfold;

It’s a travesty they couldn’t see the stage was set for the majesty of bold.

So many angels whose sturdy shoulders were supposed to be an anchor

But they’re unstable, steeped in politics, arguments, and rancor.

Too many angels are out of commission in the system;

They forgot their mission was to serve and to listen.

Now we’re living with these sins of omission

Of all the heavenly stewards so far out of position.


We’re so far out they no longer recognize us as angels

And now we’re strangers who shamelessly blame them

While we chase status, fame, and attainment.

Gaining the world but losing their souls.

Their absence — and our absence — leaves us riddled with gaping holes

In our hearts that hollow words cannot fill

But prayer and penitence heal

The insidious inaction that makes us numb to appeal.

Until that day when all the angels will fly

And we see the beauty of sense of duty when angels are no longer standing by.



4 thoughts on “When Angels are Bystanders

  1. Thank you. We all have a roll to play, I just hope there are more of us than them and we show up fully present for the work that needs to be done.

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