The Kids Who Win the Summer

By Tatiana Poladko and Atnre Alleyne There will be winners and losers this summer. And not just during the Olympic Games. As sure as ice cream trucks will bring joy to neighborhoods this summer, this seemingly-innocuous season brings learning loss and a wider academic gap for a certain set of students. Unbeknownst to many of … Continue reading The Kids Who Win the Summer


3 Facts about Education in Delaware that Most Don’t Know

Delaware’s State Board of Education recently made a high-profile decision that has the potential to shape the future of schools in Wilmington. While this decision has garnered significant attention and discussion (and rightly so), there are many decisions made each year that impact students’ learning and their experiences in the education system. Who is making … Continue reading 3 Facts about Education in Delaware that Most Don’t Know

The More Things Change

Earlier this week, after completing a two-year fellowship with the Harvard Strategic Data Project, I had the privilege of serving as the speaker for my cohort (Cohort 4) during our graduation ceremony. Over the last two years my colleagues and I have been working in our respective agencies (from Hawaii Department of Education to Cleveland Metropolitan School District to … Continue reading The More Things Change