The Segregated, Stealthy Spaces of Education Policy

As sure as the campaign signs and billboards will soon be removed across our state, the image of diverse, broad-based support and engagement presented by vote-seeking politicians will be replaced with an all-too-familiar reality: folks are most comfortable doing the business of public policy in segregated, stealthy spaces hand-in-hand with special interest groups. In the … Continue reading The Segregated, Stealthy Spaces of Education Policy


Do #blackvoicesmatter in Delaware schools?

Another black history month came and went and far too many students I work with were told they don't matter. Every year, I ask my students in TeenSHARP how their schools celebrated and acknowledged Black History Month. If they're lucky their school displayed their trusty Dr. Martin Luther King poster, made a few black history … Continue reading Do #blackvoicesmatter in Delaware schools?