Student Spotlight: Alejandra

TeenSHARPie Alejandra (a rising senior at Howard High School of Technology) learned that not only was she was accepted into Schoolyard Ventures' summer camp at Drexel, they also awarded her a full scholarship to participate in the program! This one-of-a-kind program, offered through a collaboration between the Close School of Entrepreneurship and Schoolyard Ventures, places … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Alejandra


The More Things Change

Earlier this week, after completing a two-year fellowship with the Harvard Strategic Data Project, I had the privilege of serving as the speaker for my cohort (Cohort 4) during our graduation ceremony. Over the last two years my colleagues and I have been working in our respective agencies (from Hawaii Department of Education to Cleveland Metropolitan School District to … Continue reading The More Things Change

“Romney, the 47%, and our Collective Detachment”

The release of the Romney recordings last week caused much uproar and displeasure as we learned that some groups of people are just not worth his concern. Whereas the Occupy movement brought us the 99 percent, Romney put the spotlight on another group—the 47 percent. “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote … Continue reading “Romney, the 47%, and our Collective Detachment”