The results are in for one of the most influential positions in Delaware’s education system: Delaware State Education Association (DSEA) President.

Voting was open from January 9th through 23rd for the 12,000 members of Delaware’s teachers’ union (DSEA) and the result today was a tie between Mike Matthews and Karen Crouse. The two will enter a runoff election scheduled for a later date.

Stephanie Ingram from Colonial School District was elected as Vice President.

The DSEA President position doesn’t get the public scrutiny of a Secretary of Education or district Superintendent but it is a big role and one to watch. It currently commands a salary of around $130k per year (more than double the average teacher salary inDelaware) and can have a major influence — for better or worse— on education policy decisions and elections in the state.

DSEA spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on elections in the state and their endorsements can have a major impact on who gets elected. With the right person in the role, it could mean increased compensation for teachers, improved working conditions, and progress for students and the teaching profession. With the wrong person, it could mean gridlock and the type of politics that stifle opportunity for students.

You can see profiles of Mike Matthews and Karen Crouse here.


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