Today, a group of high school students from TeenSHARP (a college prep organization I co-founded in 2009) came to TeenSHARP’s office during their winter break for Day 1 of a 3-day “study extravaganza.” They spent six hours completing homework, submitting applications to prestigious enrichment opportunities, and getting ahead on their studies before they return to school.

They were all smiles at the end of Day 1 and I have the photos to prove it!

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Yet, the commitment, intensity, drive, and love of learning that was on display with these students today is too often left out of our conversations about the education system.

It can be easy to forget that so many students have a fire burning inside them to reach their dreams, to attain a socioeconomic status their families have not yet experienced, to master content they once considered beyond them, and to make major contributions to society. They are clearly invested and accountable.

The question is: how hard are we willing to work to create an education system that honors our students’ diligence and dreams in 2017? 


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